What is a Life Settlement?

Life Settlements Provide an Escape Hatch When You Need Cash

Life settlements are settled transactions in which individuals sell the right to receive future annuity payments for an immediate lump sum. In these transactions, the death benefit proceeds of a life insurance policy are essentially sold to an investor, who in turn becomes the beneficiary; the original owner of the policy benefits inasmuch as it derives a lump sum that exceeds policy cash surrender value. Typically, individuals sell policies that have little or no cash value yet which have substantial death benefit proceeds remaining.

Life Settlements are an alternative to using cash value life insurance for retirement income. Through Life Settlements, you can access your money now, without taking on early surrender charges or waiting for the policy to lapse. Life Settlements can be a helpful way to address retirement needs and protect your assets.

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Why You Should Cash in On Your life Insurance Policy

Like most Americans, you probably purchased a life insurance policy for peace of mind, but the truth is that life insurance is only worth anything when someone is collecting on it. As an alternative to paying premiums for coverage you don’t need– consider selling your existing coverage to Paradigm Settlements for cash.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider selling:

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