What You Should Know About Life Settlements

Offers are up! New funds have launched, buying boxes have expanded and buyers are aggressively chasing policies. There’s more competition, and sellers are benefitting.

Policyowners want to know– 90% of seniors surveyed said they would have liked the option to sell prior to lapsing their policy (1). With high costs of healthcare, LTC and retirement coming into play, and even rising premiums, policy owners need new solutions.

Juggling to Pay Dividends in the New Economy

Universal life insurance policies sold today do not guarantee returns of 4 percent or more. Instead, many policies are loosely tied to the growth of the stock market.


Why Some Life Insurance Premiums Are Skyrocketing

Life insurance carriers have begun to announce increases to cost of insurance rates on certain blocks of UL products, with a focus on insureds over age 70 with policies over $1 million.


$112 Billion of Life Insurance is Lapsed Annually

Policy owners have already made the decision that they’re not going to maintain their coverage. What’s the best non-forfeiture option: a life settlement or the policy’s surrender value?

Find out if you qualify to sell your life insurance policy.